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Saturday, June 5, 2010

undertaker died, what happened to the undertaker, the undertaker dead

Undertaker Died, this is the latest hoax in the internet from the last two hours and the fans of Undertaker are very eager to know what happened to the Undertaker. Some fake news is circulating that, the undertaker dead, but, this rumors has no confirmation and Undertaker is the latest one in the list of died rumors.

There is no confirmation about his death neither from his family or from the police man. So we can't believe that he is dead and the dead news about him was remain as a rumor. WWE organization also hasn't comment about the recent rumors of Undertaker died.

Mark William Calaway, most of us known as a Undertaker, is an American professional wrestler and the most fans following wrestler. Recently, Undertaker got injured during WWE smackdown fight. But, he recovered fastly from that injuries.

The died rumors about Undertaker was spread after the announcement from his manager Theodore Long. He said that, they had found Undertaker in a “vegetative state”.